About us

The 1st Annual Resiliency and Healing Summit will create a space to foster discussions and collaborations between Reentry Providers, Government Agencies, and the Justice Impacted community in order to work together to decrease recidivism.  It is our belief that as a “Village” and collective we can ensure our loved ones stay home and prosper.  

This year’s summit will allow justice impacted community members to take part in hands-on workshops, healing circles, financial literacy seminars, and learn tools that will support them in navigating and rebuilding relationships. Full circle healing is at the core of this work.

The Justice Impacted community will also be invited to join tables to be a part of the solutions, by taking part in roundtable discussions with government and service providers.

A large part of the funding for the Summit is made possible through a LA County Transforming LA Initiative to support and foster the growth of community-based organizations that can create additional access points to mental health services to historically unserved, underserved, and hard to reach communities, are now underway.

“Resources for our Justice Impacted community are hard to come by. Through The Transforming LA Grant, thanks to Supervisor Hahn and the other Supervisors, we can scale our work,” comments Shirin Senegal, Executive Director of Ronnie’s House.  Although the grant did not specify nonprofits to serve the Justice Impacted community, Ronnie’s House and its mission for Justice Reform, led us to  “ask” and focus on the Justice Impacted community.  

Ronnie’s House was chosen by Los Angeles County, Department of Mental Health and Community Partners to be a part of a Transforming LA Capacity Building Program.  A year-round program will deliver the following services.

  • 24-hour hotline – Now Launched
  • Summit – July 29th to July 31st 2021
  • Rising Entrepreneurs Academy – September 2021
  • Reenry Website Resource App –  August 2021

Background of Transforming LA 

On May 29, 2018, the LA County Board of Supervisors (Board) directed the Chief Executive Office (CEO) and the Department of Mental Health (DMH) in consultation with the Auditor Controller (A-C), the Center for Strategic Partnerships (CSP) and a cross-section of stakeholder organizations to develop recommendations for establishing a Community Based Mental Health Incubation Academy (Academy). The Academy will provide mentorship, training, and technical assistance to small and mid-sized grassroots community-based organizations (CBOs) interested in providing prevention services to the County’s most vulnerable residents within the communities they are geographically located.